StAR - Charting the Course for the next Decade

Following an exciting and successful decade plus since it’s inception in 2004, StAR decided to visit and meet with its member companies, to review the past activities and accomplishments and solicit their feedback and suggestions for the coming years.

Charged with this responsibility Executive Director S.B. Zaman is meeting with most member companies during his planned regional visits. Aided by board member Mukesh Ambani, first visit was to Mumbai and Pune region from June 8 to 10. Companies visited were Supreme Ind, Nilkamal Ltd, BD Ind, Infra Ind, Reliance Ind - PARC & Corporate, apart from meetings with Maharashtra Mahapoly, Ingenia Polymers and Sharp Batteries.

Aided by board member Swetang Dave, second region visited was to Vadodara, Kalol and Ahmedabad from June 27 to 29. Companies covered were Reinhardt, A Schulman, Shree Momai, Sintex, Astral, Consta Cool, Promens, NAROTO, apart from meetings with Ashutosh Tanks, Abhinav Polymers and Vaghasia Plastics. Meeting was held with CIPET Ahmedabad.

Key comments & suggestions received from these meetings are:

» StAR has done a lot to help lift the industry over the past decade through services for technological knowhow, networking, global interaction and bringing the industry together.
» Companies are more willing to participate & help StAR activities. Most, all indicated their desire to attend the next conference in Jaipur Jan 29 to 31, 2017.
» Rotomoulding in general today is not a very significant part of their business, but all realize potential for continued growth, in present & new sectors.
» Many companies are developing & moulding innovative new products and entering various new sectors.
» The water tanks potential for rotomoulding is again looking promising; but moulders need to develop better more interesting products to gain an edge over the competition.
» Availability and knowledge for different grades & types materials is still seen as a big need and opportunity.
» Industry product standards & and standardized third party testing are the need of the day.

Skills development: There is a need for technical & practical workshop training for the factory floor level operators & supervisors; overcoming language barrier needs to be facilitated [Hindi]. Machine manufacturers & resin suppliers should be able to help with this.

» Top management of especially the more influential member companies need to come together for roundtable discussions to brainstorm for the future & continued growth of the industry.
» A generic industry directory of suppliers, both domestic & international, for materials, machines, moulds and other services that are available for India should be prepared by StAR.
» BIS standards committee participation is seen as a prime need; RIL & others are willing to help & support.
» CIPET relationship has the potential for both offering standardized testing and factory supervision & operator level workshop / training in participation with StAR.
» A big positive outcome of these travels is the intention received from six companies to become members of StAR; in progress.